"Her poems reveal a fine sense of language and a metaphorical gift."

David Ignatow

"An accomplished poet of commitment and vision. The poems show a reaching toward a Rilkean mysticism, yet they are so American."

Terry Kennedy
Poet, Essayist, Independent Journalist

"She uses unique and interesting juxtapositions, has a real way with images and words."

Spindrift Magazine

"Her writing captures a condensed moment in time, as well as exploring a singular thought within an internal landscape. Written in a concise, inviting conversational voice, there's a sense of mystery, a dreamlike, surreal quality. Each poem is like a breezy watercolor; the effect is subtle, lovely and picturesque, sometimes ending in a chant of enticement that lingers in your mind after the last line."

Janice Robinette
Poet, M.A. Creative Writing
University Of Washington


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